Are you feeling depressed? Or just stressed? Is there a problem you need help with? Or just need someone to listen to you? Are you newlywed and having adjustment issues? Or frustrated with your boss? Are you confused about your future? Or indecisive about a proposal?

Trials and stress are part of life. It helps to seek counsel and get an objective view on things when our minds are confused.

Aspiring Counselors Club offers you that guidance and counseling to deal with day to day issues and guess what? It’s free.

Write to us at or post your questions on our Facebook or Instagram page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you need help and seek privacy, then you may fill this form:

Disclaimer: Aspiring counselors club is run by IOU psychology undergraduates.
Bi iznillah, we will help you with regular problems. Online counseling provides questioners with guidelines but does not replace ongoing therapy in any case. If after reading our advice and suggestions, you still feel unable to cope with your issues, please seek help from a licensed psychologist in your area.